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my app.

Name- Sarah
Age- 16
Gender- Female
Sexual preferance- men. mainly, my hot boyfriend.
Favorite musical artists- relient k, tbs, something corporate, 3 doors down...i like lots of music.
Favorite movie(s)- napoleon dynamite, phantom of the opera, monster in law, a walk to remember
Favorite snack food- chips. pringles are my fave but ill eat most kinds.
Views on ana/mia- ive never had an eating disorder, close, but not quite there. i know what it feels like to want nothing more than to be thin but it is not healthy. im not thin and im not fat and i am happy with the way i am.
Favorite quote- "live each day as if it were your last because one day it will be."
Favorite celebrities (both male and female)- male- chad michael murray(he is so gorgeous). female- kelly clarkson. i love her.
Who is your hero, and why?- i dont really have one hero. i mean, i try to live my life the best i can and i dont follow in others footsteps. the only person who i could really call a hero would prolly have to be Jesus. obvious reasons.
If you inherited 5 million dollars and aliens landed on Earth the same day saying they were going to blow it up in two days, what would you do? i would spend the day with my boyfriend who i love, the money would not mean anything cuz its not like it will help me later on(since the world would end). i would take some of it just so the two of us could do stuff and the rest id stick in the bank just in case the stupid aliens were lying and didnt really blow up the world, just wanted to see how idiotic some people would act. lol.
How did you discover this community? searching under rating communities.
And of course, why do you love your tummy? i used to hate it for the longest time but then my bf told me he loved it and that it felt like a marshmallow. heehee now im fine with it. =)


 lol my friends and i decided to move our bra off our boobs to see what ppl thought so thats why it looks kinda wierd(but i needed a pic that showed my stomach so...)

 im the one in the school girl outfit(on halloween).

 idk how well my tummy shows up but ok. my bf and i in the grass last summer.


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