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Name- Morgan
Age- 14... but 15 in less than a month <3
Gender- Feeeemale.
Sexual preferance- I like boys, usually.
Favorite musical artists- Le Tigre, Belle and Sebastian, BFS. Actually. I listen to almost everything.
Favorite movie(s)- Atlantis, Napoleon Dynamite, Mulan, The Master of Disguise, Bridget Jones' Diary, Igby Goes Down....
Favorite snack food- Humhumm... I'd say brownies.
Views on ana/mia- -=shrugs=- It's unhealthy. I've never had any problem with an eating disorder, but I can understand the reasons for why someone would have one. I guess I try to help people realize there are better ways to lose weight, and be healthy, if they have any sort of problem with these things.
Favorite quote- "You are the most beautiful flower in my existence." I get romancey sometimes.
Favorite celebrities (both male and female)- Dana Carvey and Angelina Jolie
Who is your hero, and why?- My mother, she's survived raising her brothers and sisters, making a highly respected career for herself without attending any college (besides nursing school), being the president of a company, a divorced/remarried mother, and most of all, surviving a year of chemotherapy for a rare, pediatric cancer at the age of 39.
If you inherited 5 million dollars and aliens landed on Earth the same day saying they were going to blow it up in two days, what would you do? Go shopping?
How did you discover this community? omg_chubbycore. You guys are sisters. <3
And of course, why do you love your tummy? It keeps me warm. It gives me something to play with. And it gives me my sexy shape. <3

That camera is SO old. Haha. <3
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