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Name- wini, winicat or cat
Age- 18 (soooo close to 19!!!!)
Gender- female
Sexual preferance- men :D
Favorite musical artists- something corporate *drools*
Favorite movie(s)- kate and leopold, a cinderella story
Favorite snack food- chocolate, duh.
Views on ana/mia- used to be a 'disordered eater' ... finally working on all of that
Favorite quote- "electrical tape is like the force; it has a light and a dark side and it holds the universe together"
Favorite celebrities (both male and female)- sean connery ('cause he's HOT!), george clooney, scarlett johannson
Who is your hero, and why?- umm... i don't really have one :S .. i 'look up to' a number of people who inspire me, but mainly they're artistic-related
If you inherited 5 million dollars and aliens landed on Earth the same day saying they were going to blow it up in two days, what would you do? cry hysterically :S
How did you discover this community? from jonjon (aka callistogenic)
And of course, why do you love your tummy? because i have one now :D ... and it doesn't cry anymore which makes me happier :P .. and it his a "belly knocker" LOL

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Me with my painting displayed in the student art gallery earlier this year

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