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Name- Michelle
Age- 23
Gender- female
Sexual preferance- bisexual
Favorite musical artists- wow, there are alot, but my main favorite is Dave Matthews
Favorite movie(s)- the butterfly effect, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, and say anything
Favorite snack food- soft batch chocolate chip cookies
Views on ana/mia- i am a recovering bulemic....i know it's not healthy but thats all i can really say
Favorite quote- " Never settle for less than a fairytale."
Favorite celebrities (both male and female)- christina ricci, scarlett johansen, elijah wood, martin freeman
Who is your hero, and why?- my mom, because she taught us kids to love ourselves the way we are.
If you inherited 5 million dollars and aliens landed on Earth the same day saying they were going to blow it up in two days, what would you do? dinner, shopping, movies, and time with family
How did you discover this community? a friend of a friend of a friend
And of course, why do you love your tummy? its what makes me who i am, why not love it.

i hope these are ok, i dont really have alot of full body shots of me.
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